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Friday 11th Sep 2009

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Second time racing, still the CD3, actually could do laps without hitting anything, fixed exhaust damage from last meet, car makes good power.

Managed to race 2 heats and the final, 15mins on track is fun, surprisingly mentally tiring when you not used to it though.

Best Lap time 19.350

Friday 14th Aug 2009

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First race night, brought the way out of date CD3, what a huge laugh, no rear traction on foams, mental note car had more rear grip on rubbers during last on track engine break in.

I think somehow I hit every wall on the track, but then I’d not driven anything RC in years, Futaba 3PM also big and heavy, need a newer car, and lighter 2.4 radio, hate mile long FM antenna.
Big thanks to Paul, helping to tune engine when setting up before racing.

Best lap time 21.357