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Or for the English nearly one G later, I have a new working toy, although something feels weird about a finishing touch requiring double sided tape on half a g’s worth of carbon, but never mind cause it’s fun around the lounge room floor.

Of course it’s still missing a whole host of bits, new tyres a second battery and LCD for the Turbo firmware that could be installed with it, likely more than all that even, but I need to drive something, so I’ll be making an fool of myself as usual at Brendale Friday night.

Fatigue and lack of setup and run time while running meetings means I think it’s time for yet another RC car, this time an electric…

Plan is to perhaps park the Nitro till Saturday racing starts again in summer, and to buy a Top Photon with a SS (10.5T) setup to run on Friday nights, I have always kind of wanted an electric anyway, ever since I saw just how fast the brushless cars were getting, looks like a lot of fun in a slightly different way.

So maybe give it a couple weeks and I’ll buy and setup the Photon, not cheap but then not ‘that’ expensive either for what you get, really that I’m buying an electric is not a surprise, right from the start I had plans to buy several different types of RC, still to come is possibly a 4wd offroad in an attempt to relive my RC youth…

23/06 – Edit: And just to update, bought my Top Photon last night, $500 of carbon and aloy sex, did I say something about not that expensive?, err considering it still needs, well everything, I take that back, maybe I’ll sell a kidney, it’s not like I need both to race rc…

Sunday 6th June 2010

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I feel mornings through daytime racing is not for me, I ventured out to do some racing, more in part to support the club when a film crew was showing up to give us some free press, but overly tired self meant I felt slow and did not so much enjoy myself, or at least not in terms of feeling my best on track.

It likely showed in my times, setup on the Mugen was poor, and in the end came no where near my best times,  17.4 I think was the best, with full tyres that chunked and seriously tall gearing to help smooth my erratic driving.

Best time 17.469

Saturday 10th April 2010

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Felt rotten with the flu, but I went racing anyway because it had felt like ages since I was last on track.

Because it was cheap, and I was curious, a new car came into my stable, one Mugen MTX-4R, it opened my eyes to some interesting stuff, of which a lot of I have no idea about, or am just guessing cause I’m just not skilled enough to have a clue.

The Mugen during some tuning ‘felt’ fast, or maybe just easier to drive, first session out on the track though with body on and in race mode, it suddenly felt slow, I felt my times where going to be slower than my recent pace.
But that was not the case, on checking my laps I was on up with some of my fastest times, even though I was still getting used to the car, then in the following sessions I easily beat all my previous times, by the 3rd session I was doing very well.

In the final with some semi fresh and slightly softer foams (40’s rather than 42’s), my mind was feeling tired, but I easily did my best lap times to date, so that makes me look forward to running the car more, hopefully with a new body and some other parts/tweaks, as I also managed to break a rear belt in the final, with the strange thing being it did not slow me down all that much at the end.

Best lap time 017.165

Interclub 13th Mar 2010

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Well it was Interclub race time, so I though I’d give it a shot.

Pre-Interclub ¬†there was like almost no setup time thanks to the weather, I did have many theories though as to going faster, one being matched manifold, short and high reving, the second idea was gearing, if I wanted to go faster, without leaning the crap out of my engine, I figured time to gear up, like way up, if you can’t pull the revs, use the gearing?.

Come race day it was all hit and miss, the car ‘was’ pulling more speed, but tweaking was nessesary, and I spent most of my races playing with setup, and while the first race was ok, I came in underweight after it, so had to add 60 grams to my car, now this seemed to slow me down, right after I was slower, so I put the highest gear you can put on a G4JS, and it’s lucky I seemed to get back some of the time lost from weight.

In the end though track conditions were not so great, everyone seemed slower, I’m sure my setup should have been good for some of my best times, but I could not get there, but others seemed slower as well, so who knows for sure.

For me to go faster now, I suspect even more changes are needed, softer shocks to hook in better, harder diff oils to hook up better, and maybe lower first gear to get up to speed a little faster, while keeping the long second.

Overall did some good times though, but racing means incidents happen, ruining some heats for me, but I held into the final and finished well in the B Main.

Best lap time 017.921

Friday 19th Feb 2010

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Kind of a busy night, with limited transponders, so I choose to run without (I have an RC4 personal coming in March), but did get one late in the evening to run one timed session.

I was self counting laps in an earlier race, sure I counted 17 laps, but did not know for sure, then with timing in the 3rd I did quite well, no best lap times, but did get 17 laps, an average lap time around 18.5, and a .413 dev figure.

Found out that I was not running 42 shore fronts after that last meet, turned out they are 40’s front, which seem ideal, lots of steering and front grip, and really 42 rear is not so bad, seem to get even wear front to rear, which is good.

Got myself wondering now if my shocks are too hard with 600 oil, the car feels good overall, although oil is dirt cheap, and I ordered some 450 so will give that a go, in terms of top end speeds though, I feel my car needs more top end, it’s quick out of the tight, but reaches max very quickly, and with some more speed I think I’d be doing quicker lap time, maybe.

Best lap time 18.005

Saturday 13th Feb 2010

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Battery issues, and race control commitments kept me from racing first couple of meets for the year, but I did get to run today, and I must say given my goals were set quite low, I somehow managed to surprise myself, and leave very happy with the results.

With having broken some wheels last year (and other stuff thanks to the battery issue), I was using mismatched brand hard 42 shore foam F+R, and after building up some new RS spec shocks (cause the stock G4JS ones are a poor design), there was a feeling my shocks would be too firm for the conditions (and I think they were).

Right from the start, I felt faster in every way, new O.S. 12TG was worth every cent, some setup tweaks I did on the car played out well, and possibly I’m just getting the hang of the driving side of things…
I’ll be honest, my aim was zero practice outside of meets, so in fact the ‘only’ driving so far has been meets listed here, my reason was driving without means of timing could lead to a lack of any real usable data, if you have nothing to compare, or anyone to watch/follow/copy lines, you could easily go the wrong direction, or get into bad habits at a point where that is bad.
To learn then unlearn and re-learn?, possibly a not a good way to go, but I don’t know cause it’s just my own theory, has it paid off?.

Anyway, Race 1 was a write off in some ways, car felt ok but my heart was not in it after a few laps, realizing my transponder was dead, so I just got the feel of the car and made note of how it was handling etc.
Race 2 though with a replacement transponder was a different story, did my best ever lap time.
Race 3 and I beat that time.
Race 4 well I dropped a tiny bit, but my average lap time was in the 18’s now, I’m not that far off making an extra lap in 5 mins.

The final was a mind trip, for a start it was 20 mins long (only run 15 previously), but after dropping some ride height, and a tweak on the high end needle, the car felt better than ever, and I kept up the pace quite well, when it was over a couple of people said I looked quicker, a little later I checked the time sheet, sure enough I’d cracked the 17’s, in fact maybe a half dozen laps were in the high 17’s.

Big thanks/credit go out to who I was racing with though, for I was a slow newbie in with some far better driver than I, that sounds scary at first, but to be honest I just don’t think I’d have picked up the speed I did without out those guys to try and match lines etc with.

Best lap time 17.747

Friday 20th Nov 2009

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Last meet of the year, understanding more about car and track, tyre splits now make sense, thanks to Harry for tyre truing, also some advice on racing lines from a few people, track is huge so I’m not helping laps with poor lines, must visualize short way around track.

Made a difference though, tyres good (and less sidewall size makes car handle even better), better line on track, lap times come down right away.
Only downside is engine is worse than ever, pig to tune, temps all over the place, running hot in general, slower than ever, testament to other learned race knowledge is I’m faster with engine getting slower.

By final engine has more rattle, Harry points out play in bearing, borrow an engine, but it’s so diffrent in feel I’m slower in the final, then at end car does something weird and fires into wall and does some servo/arm damage, not sure what cause it on that night, month later it was likely a poor battery causing receiver brown out.

Best lap time 18.496 (and some nice dev figures)

Friday 6th Nov 2009

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Strange night, I’m faster, or at least more consistent, but the Jammin engine does not want to hold a good tune, and keeps feeling slower.

Overall my average laps are faster, but I can’t get the speed, engine gave troubles all night, but I’m getting the hang of other things, absorbing more info as I go.
Managed more laps in every session, so I’m crashing less and less.

Best lap time 19.134 (wtf)

Friday 23rd Oct 2009

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Long wait for the G4JS, but it felt instantly faster and easier to drive, new HN/Jammin engine feels underpowered though, maybe it’s just because it’s so new, and was so tight during break in.

Same foams on G4 have heaps more grip, someone mentioned splits, trying to absorb too much other info right now though, steep learning curve on RC cars, bombarded with info I just can’t process quickly enough for all of it to make sense.

Best lap time 18.619