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Friday 18th March 2011

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It was a seriously good fun night, weather was nasty humid but on track was heaps of fun.

Jeff came out to play again, Joel was there and we had 6-7 other guys come to have a go, so overall it was nice to see a few numbers on track.

I did some tweaks on the car before hand, already had dropped to a 1mm rear bar, but added a 1.4mm front, less rear toe, some final settings on camber, all made the car very good on track.
Added to the tweaks was the new Hobbywing motor, which performed very well, and finally a ‘good’ savox servo, so for the first time I had some real steering speed and feel.

After melting the last motor I went real easy on the HW, 5.92 fdr to start with, ran some warm up and saw 50C at 1min, then still 50-52C at 6 mins, but ran the first heat just to be sure, and still at 52C, so second heat I went to 5.68 fdr, gave me more top speed and dropped my lap times, also heat only went to 55C, so I’m guessing I could push it a fair bit further.
Jeff and Joel had top speed on me, but I think my Photon was punching out of the corners faster, I’m curious to see if the car will loose that punch once geared more for top speed, though I was also running low punch on the ESC, I’m liking the softer start on the power delivery, better for traction.

Only real handling issue at all on the car was some high speed rear push, but my splits are wrong cause the tyres have still not been in a truer, so more diameter on the front means I think the rear would push, fix that and I think I’m good.
I peaked in the first final, drove very smooth and surprised myself, but the heat was getting to me by the second final and I just felt tired and lost all rhythm and starting making mistakes and could not seem to get it together, that also made me chunk a tyre from clipping stuff, so kind of annoying, but still I had fun overall so still a great night.

Saturday 12th March 2011

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Past Friday was a rain wash out, so I was looking forward to this Saturday IC meet.

Gave my MTX4 a quick clean, made sure everything was in order, stripped apart and cleaned my O.S. 12TG, and got it all ready to go, spending some quality time setting up the clutch, and with some new GRP shoes I was more than ready to go.

Originally I wanted to do some Pro racing, but problems with an old Ninja engine, and a new N12 I ordered did not show, so GT was my best option, but it’s not like GT is any less fun for me, really still enjoy it, even if it feels a little slow these days.

Right off the bat I did struggle with a couple of things, engine tune was a bit off, but by the second heat that was good, then I just had to check the ride height, err which I should have done when fitting the new tyres, 9.5mm is just a touch too high (LOL), but I was focused on the tuning, so that came good for the 3rd heat, by which stage I was going well.

There was also some tweaks to the shift point, and the clutch was not right, from 1-1.25mm spring preload partly fixed that, though I still think I’m loosing power in the clutch somewhere, the TG seems to like the clutch a certian way, I used to have a very good setup in the G4 Magic, but have still yet to get something that works as well in the MTX, current theory is because it’s quite low power, I think maybe you need a setup that alows max revs, with a medium hard shoe to also let it slip a bit, which will stop the engine bogging down and loosing grunt in first gear.

Either that or maybe I should switch back to the Nova pipe, I’m not sure the Mugen pipe lets the engine rev as well, next time I use it must remember to try the Nova with maybe the long manifold to get fuel consumption down.

But, I did just fine overall, car felt a bit slow but I was pulling easy low 18’s and even mid 17’s when pushing harder, my consistency is very good lately, smooth comes easy to me now, I can roll around entire sessions without hitting anything, or going off track, which I just love, cause when you reach that point your not damaging anything on the car, it’s fantastic.

I just generally had a lot of fun as well, when you get on top of things it’s really a buzz, you just get to drive and not worry so much about lots of stuff, and I must give thanks to the usual suspects, Trev for the fuel stops, and Paul for a new exhaust gasket.

Friday 18th February 2011

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Another hot night on track, in racing and just the Brisbane weather…

My first outing of the year with the electric Photon, and first time out with zero timing and gearing it for speed, also first of hopefully many meets with the new SSF formula, zero timing and foam tyres for the grip.

Kind of a dud night for me though, after not having a any issues with the timing firmwares last year, gearing for speed had me fighting to keep temps down, plenty of test laps but not enough sustained tests I think, end result was I dropped two or three pinions to keep temp down, but still managed to melt my motor at the end of the first 6min heat, not real good and kind of a hit to the wallet early in the year.

It’s just something I will have to learn though, parity is what many want, so zero with gearing will likely stick around, on the up side I already was thinking SSF could benefit from some form of control motor, and seeing a new HW Xerun with nice fixed can timing, it looks a good option.

Oh and big thanks to Jeff and Eden who both loaned me 13.5’s to finish the night, even though in the end it rained out.

Foams were as I found last year, epic, using rubber camber settings is all wrong, it looks like you may need 3deg or so to stop the tyres coning on the left side of the car (have to put the car in a setup station, on the night I just wound in the top links till they wore more even), once that is sorted though it looks like wear will still be low.

I actually threw a full sized set of 37’s on the Photon, compared to the half worn 40’s I tried last year, and though we did get rained out, I did many sessions when I got there, and quite a few settings up the new motor, so easily a full meet worth of hard running, looking at my 37’s I’m showing maybe 1.5mm front wear, and 2mm rear wear, possibly made worse by early runs with too little camber.

Times were faster than I’d have thought with no turbo timing, like low 17’s, simular to a good GT, and I suspect that would push down to 16’s, also simular to pushing the GT’s harder, but the SSF is an easy drive, very light on their feet, the fun factor is high and racing with Joel and Jeff showed general close fun racing, if others can be convinced it ‘can’ be a very good class for EPR.

Friday 4th February 2011

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First RC outing of the year for me, I was lacking my own transport and a working RC car for the first meet two weeks earlier, took a RC break over the new year, which meant by tonight I was aching for a drive of something RC.

Biggest bugger of the week was my TOP parts not showing up, so no go with my much loved Photon, but the MTX4R was sitting there from the Pop Kerr day last year, still ready to race, and I still love the Nitro so made the effort to bring it along.

Pain though was had due to me not changing over the engine before hand to the TG for a Friday, so it was a mad scramble to do that when I got to the track, only one clutch so that had to change over, and I’d changed the two speed as well, so first two heats were a nightmare of everything being setup wrong, super humid and hot track at night also showed tuning was a mile off on the TG from it’s last outing.

Clutch got sorted, then engine half a tune, then two speed sort of right, then finally shifting good and an ok power tune, though I had it geared shorter than normal trying to sort the shift issue, so lacked some top end speed, and with the uber humidity I’m sure more power was there with more tuning, still learning my tuning skills.

But, the final with Nigel and Trent was damn near epic, I think Trent got a late start for some reason, but once all on track we were all pulling simular speeds so it was a lot of fun out there, Trent had the speed, Nigel was bloody hard to pass, but us all going fairly hard must have been good to watch, even if we were not pulling our best times with the conditions.

Next meet the Photon should be ready to go, but I’ll have to dig out the Mugen for a handful of meets this year, it’s still a lot of fun, although by the end of a night running a Nitro I’m truely rooted.

Friday 12th November 2010

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Yet another quiet night, last Friday of the year, a friend came back from time off racing and he showed me up for the hack I am. LOL

Still with very little grip at all, it was a tough night to race, possibly the second most quiet night of the year, so no cars to bring up the grip on what was a ‘very’ duty track, almost wish I’d had some spare foams to run on, cause rubber was not hooking up well at all.

On the more down side the Photon chewed a pulley somehow, maybe a rock or side guide chewed off, belt was then coming off the pulley knocking the diff cover off, so it just made a mess and stopped me after two sessions.
Got to figure out my ball diff better, it’s still got me beat as to setting it up, it seems inconsistent in the Photon, or at least is for me, not sure it suits the way I’m driving the car.

Thanks as usual to my racing friends, it’s been a fun year, hope to see more of you for next season, regardless of what we are running, I really don’t mind running meets as long as I get to have a drive as well.

Things to look into over the break, I want to run a open timed 17.5 back to back with a 10.5 zero timed, right now it’s a guess based on old numbers but both look simular in some speeds, so maybe for next year Fridays can run either, which means a AARMCC grade class mixed with a club class if it works, could be good as a compromise.

Friday 29th October 2010

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More quiet nights at Brendale, but a few showed up to play, unfortunately a friend blew out something during warm up, so I let them run my car.
It looked good on track, a little slippery but handling well on some low wearing 32’s.

Did get to run it in the last session, but by that time we got some rain showers and the track was very hard to hook up on, more cars on track keeps the traction up but with few drivers showing up it’s a struggle.

Friday 1st October 2010

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Another Friday race night, with some electric guys showing up to play, most had older style ESC so I dialed down my own gear several settings till it was generally on par with what most had as a top speed, I think mine had a touch more mid range though.

Track conditions were a little odd, went out on foam when I got there and had very little grip, track seemed quite dusty and I was just sliding across the surface, foams seem to float on the dust, temps were lowish so I broke out my rubber tyres, the Sweep 28’s right away had much more grip, so I ran those the rest of the night, and they did well, maybe less rear end traction over foams when working, but more speed.

In fact first thing I noticed was with foam I needed no drag brake, with the rubber it wanted more brake before a corner, I put on 5% drag but could have down with 10%, car also drives different overall on rubber, it’s an interesting comparison overall, I suspect depending on what you used, you could very similar times on either shoe, with I think foam still being a little more forgiving and easier.

For next year I’m hoping Super Stock does not go anywhere, I do like the speed/power, to be fair with mine showing so much possible speed, I’d be more than ok with it dropping to 13.5T, like that I suspect maybe guys with older ESC could keep running 10.5, 13.5 would likely still be faster with dynamic but maybe not blow away type stuff?.

Friday 17th September 2010

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Just a casual Friday night at Brendale, to many events on recently so I seemed to be the only one with an electric on track, not that I mind as running with the Nitro guys suits me just fine, it’s a good pace to run with.

Temps were down so I could easily up some settings on my ESC, but in the end I only tweaked a little, more speed was just not needed, motor ran barely warm at around 35c or so, top end was better with a tweak to full throttle timing, I shared some track time with a friend and we were both doing low 17’s, so I was mellow and happy.

Foam tyres I was running got beat up though, light weight rims took a pounding, need some more solid 45 shore of something, but I enjoy the simple nature of the electric when I’m committed to other things like running the race control.

Photon feels very good on track in general, if I had to guess anything about it, using words from others I’d say it had a wide tuning window, it’s stupid easy to drive quick, more so than I first expected, but it’s not like I want to rest on that, got my eye on a GM speedie right now, it’s like the insane of modern ESC kitchen sink style, I’m sure people look at it and think it’s all just too hard, but I look and see the future, the GM can be set up so it’s damn near impossible to cook either ESC or Motor, profiles to suit any turn motor, go as soft or as silly as you want, in Europe I’m told guys are running the GM’s in Mod/Open, dynamic timing with that sort of low turn power, it was only a matter of time.

On a simualr issue, not all that sure I’m keen on where Qld RC wants to go next year race wise, I feel it’s not my place to give my own opinion just yet, hell at maybe 3 sessions on track I know nothing in relative terms, but it seems technology will win out in RC regardless of what is done, if you limit classes or try to push out dynamic timing, surely all you will do is delay what will happen in the end.

The tech was always going to come into brushless electric, old world tech moved to new world tech, which left some feeling burnt maybe cause they could not come to terms with the new tech?, but it’s there, and so is the speed, toy car motors are all but gone, it’s a world level speed now, on par with nitro anything, which is surely a good thing?, and it’s not like I’m struggling to come to terms with the power or speed with my 10.5 with some dymanic timing so far, so do I really want to go slower?, but at the same time mod apparently chews everything so dynamic timing to me seems to scream hey I can go fast, yet not kill my gear, what sucks with that?.

Best time, 17.3ish *coughsetbyshawncough*, oh and a 17.4ish by me, but I did get the faster average damn it…

Sunday 12th September 2010

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More fun at the track this day, came along to a weekend meet, but the Mugen was in no state to have a go, so I ran the Photon with the Gas guys.

Got to say the Photon with the 10.5 and turbo speedie was fantastic, I have not really copied a setup as such, after not finding what I wanted I worked from a safe point and just upped the settings that made sense along the way, in the end the car was pulling hard and had good top end, while not pushing the motor past about 55C yet.

Running with the Gas guys was also a lot of fun, the electric could keep up just fine, only issue was my rubber tyres, I only had 32C rubber, and it was a fair bit hotter on track so they just overheated fairly quick, a rethink and a decision to test some foam on the electric worked out well, .2mm wear on the foams per run, no issues with temp at all, makes me wonder why we don’t usually run foam.

End of the day I also decided what the hell, and ran the 20min final with the gas cars, to do this I just planned a pack change at the half mark, hoping my 5000mah packs would last 10mins, turns out they did it easy, about 2800mah per 10mins in the end, the longish battery change did hurt my end result though (thanks Finchy :-p).

Best time of the day was I think 17.8, and it felt fast and in control, which for a mug like me says something about the quality of the car perhaps, or maybe it was just the foams, they were just so easy to drive on.

Friday 6th August 2010

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Mad fun at the track, 10.5t even on a non turbo ESC has some good speed, and given I was using some borrowed 36 tyres (thanks Harry), I had near no cold traction on a 12C track surface, and it would take near a whole race to get any traction, which just meant less spinning wheels, I suspect just though wheel spin I chewed a fair bit of rubber.

Lots of help and fun with the regs at track, loans of a spare battery and a try of some tyre warmers was very helpful, in the end I was lucky my 5000mah was having enough time to charge between rounds, and the tyre warmers gave me much improved grip in the 3rd round, but I think my best was 20ish second laps, in between spinning out.

Issues of the night were all my CV pins coming loose, one chewing some plastic on a rear hub, and generally most chassis screws came loose during the night, I’ll have to find a balance between what won’t wind out at fast and how high I want to torque into the aloy, but the Photon in general was very easy and smooth to drive, very well behaved.

My worse wtf though was a random pull to the right around mid straights, could not put a finger on that even at the end of the evening, but once home I did discover a few things that may have caused it, being a loose steering saver, and missing a sway bar bushing type grub screw, with maybe the uneven droop on the front end also not helping.

Again thanks to my fellow race victims, see you at the next one, where I’ll hopefully have some better tyres and be running more timing (the SP 10.5 was only set to half it’s max first time out), no turbo yet for me, got to get used to the speed it has before I want more.