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Friday 19th August 2011

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A few people came to play, bloody Snap decided to gear way up though, talk about hard to keep pace with, he beat my best lap time, and I spent the whole night fighting to keep ahead of him, in the final I geared up one and managed to equal his best time, only for him to beat that time again.

Though overall I do most laps, like 3x 30 lap sessions, kept good pace all night, car felt good, no real changes, tyres on their 5th meet I think, should be good for a 6th, fairly even wear (37F 40R), not a bad way to go, but I’m going to try some other combos with tyres soon.

Snap won’t be lasting real long at a 50mm rollout running near 80C, or maybe he will, Losi motor may stand it, mine geared up still only ran 50c I think, the HW motor looks like it could take very high gearing.

New hobbyking packs still doing well, new icharger showed up in the mail, I love it, goes to 10A and will balance a pack super fast, and is very accurate, I checked it on a new multimeter and it’s dead on from what I can tell.

One of my final must haves also got ordered this weekend, a Xceed setup station, really want that to show up soon, such a valuable setup tool, need it to tweak my settings and keep on top of changes more accurately.


Friday 5th August 2011

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Another very quiet Friday night…

Forth race night on the 37/40 shore Capricorn foams, they will easily do a fifth, this set had not touched a truer (as I still don’t have one), and apart from a little uneven wear, they still drive just fine.

I previously lowered the rear arms to gain more rear grip, that worked, now I dialed in more rear toe again, car has ‘good’ back end grip now, I may try for great, but you wonder where it looses you some time, I suspect it was a shade quicker with less rear toe, harder to drive sure but it was pulling more speed, though I put in a new set of rubber seal bearings to replace the metals and I think that cost me a little speed.

Second meet on the new HobbyKing LiPo packs, still liking them, don’t see any issues at all, I got a new dud charger though, worried when using it as it pushed one of the packs out of balance, that made me realize a couple of things, one is cheap chargers will get you so far, the other is while my older charger gives a good balance, it’s calibrated low in voltage, so my packs are topping out .1v or so low.

What I need is a new more accurate DMM, and it’s time I bought a better charger, I’m thinking a ICharger as they come out of the factory calibrated, which I think is a very good thing.

Anyway, in the heats of the night I had a lot of fun, Snap used my old packs, which I think maybe gained him nearly .5 second average, there is likely gearing you can do around all that with batteries and heat etc, I guess in the end you gear for heat based on many things, including how much punch your packs have.

With just me, Snap, Ryan and Tony, we all still had some great fun, really best times between top three were close to .1 seconds I think, all in how hard you could push, and then not make mistakes, more rear grip meant I was making less mistakes than last meet, not any faster, but when you can push lap after lap and not fuck up, it’s good.

Friday 22nd July 2011

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Really quiet night, but I was keen to try some new HobbyKing packs, very cheap (for the specs) 5300/50C hardcase packs.

So lazy I don’t think I changed a thing on the Photon, so it was still loose in the back end, still no alignment, just ran it loose and felt out the new packs, which as it turns out were awesome, lots of punch, very good to drive with, maybe lacking some build quality but very good based on the prices and performance, will keep and use hard I think, see how long they last.

Just me a dirt friend with a new 417, and a buggy guy on slicks for fun, made for some laughs, and buggy friend mounted his camera on my roof for a heat, made the handling of my car terrible, but was very funny to see, and I’m sure it may have got some good footage.

Looking forward to more nights, and more testing of my new packs, not sure what to do with old packs, hold for some event when I need ROAR packs or something, keep as spares, having four packs will be handy I’m sure long term.

Friday 8th July 2011

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Did some revisions to the Photon, mainly new smaller HW ESC, which allowed me to move all my electronics inwards, and improved the balance of the car, which was nice, also chasing rear traction I lowered the roll center, and in the end removed the rear sway bar.

Results were mixed, car was better, but still could snap oversteer out of corners under power, so I still need to tweak some more.

Funny night with limited friends on track, quiet but I still had fun, Dan came to play in Jeff’s car, did well, was hard to catch after I had a few slips, and then Snap out qualified me, the horror, the pain, the humiliation…
But I’ll get over it. LOL

Just about laughed myself into a accident after watching Jeff somehow eject a battery onto pit straight later in the night, crazy funny to suddenly have a battery pack in the middle of the track.

Super cold night though, motor ran stone cold, breeze later in the night made everything go numb, but overall still having fun, things I really need are a setup station, I keep changing things on the car, then don’t have the ability to check the results or correct from a change effecting wheel alignment etc, at some point I’ll really need a tyre truer as well.

Friday 10th June 2011

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Quiet but overall side splitting night of racing at a few points, Jeff came to play and generally playing was had all around, with some often very funny moments…

Lots of repairs on the Photon, though some of the setting tweaks I did, made the car harder to drive, it was pulling out of corners better thanks to 200k fluid in the front diff, but steering was uneven, and back end traction was poor out of corners.
Most of this was likely due to a few things, moving the servo in and back a little, then not checking my steering throw properly, made for uneven steering, and moving my battery in made balance worse, silly moves to do, and to top it off I forgot my droop settings reverse to what gives traction again (done this several times now).

New set of foams wore crazy even, 40’s rear and 37’s front, they also wore so little, like less than 1.5mm for the meet, it’s almost worth thinking 35/37 for my next set, even left to right wear was oddly even, drive style or setup I guess, maybe that off balance issue as well.

Rear Yoko diff was super nice, smooth and good feel, came with 700 weight fluid, maybe could go thicker though, new steel shafts showed zero wear on one meet.

Gearing was an interesting issue during the meet, with it being so cold you can gear up a lot, in the end I was up to 42mm rollout, and it was still running cool, though jumping from 40/41 to that 42 showed a very noticeable hole in punch come up, guess I’ll need to up the punch on the ESC to fill that hole, I feel it’s all going to push the battery harder though, top speed at 42mm is impressive, or getting there.

Trev had a go of my car in the second heat, apart from complaining he can’t see at night, he did awfully well, a bit of car swapping went on as usual, fun to try other rides, Snaps TC6 drives quite nice, as does Jeff’s, they seem to have loads more rear end grip than my whip.

Stuff I’m tweaking for next meet, steering evened out, need that rear drive, so roll centers being lowered back end, hope that does something good…


Friday 27th May 2011

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Nice turn out at the club tonight, 11 people showed up to play in SSF, unfortunately my Photon was not in great shape for various reasons, rear gear diff still broken so had to use ball diff, that I still have no idea how to get the best from, but in the end none of it mattered as a medium tap to the rear in the first heat broke a rear hub, ending my night with the Photon.

It was lucky though that the very helpful Tim was there, who was nice enough to loan me his spare Tamiya 416, so a mad rush to drop my electronics into it, and even swap in my shocks, and I was out again by the 3rd heat, so huge thanks to Tim for that.

The Tamiya was an interesting drive, it was nice, I think if I was brand swapping I’d buy a 417, they are just good solid cars, actually reminded me of my Top to drive in some ways, though I suspect the Tamiya hooks up better on rubber than my Top, I had to run rubber as my usual foams would not fit (Sweep Qts 28’s), but I did ok on rubber considering I have only been out on them a handful of times, it’s likely the 8+ cars on foam cleaned up the track though, they tend to do that, it’s an ironical little twist I’m aware of with foam vs rubber around EPR.

Did some ok times, though just generally had a lot of fun as usual, Snapper (Mr club Pres) showed up with his new TC6 toy, few other new faces, all of us having lots of fun, I suspect looking at Tims whip we could all gear a little harder than we have been, more so with the cool nights, will have to try that next meet.

On order for my Photon is lots of new goodness, replacement parts to fix damage, and more fun will be the Yoko rear gear diff, should hold up easily to the 10.5T (made for Mod really), some 200k oil for the front Top diff, and to add some more toughness steel shafts, finally I went a little crazy and ordered a Justock ESC from elsewhere, it’s nice and small, and ROAR legal (sucks that my v2 60a is not), a steal at $59.08 shipped, only hmm about it could be the 2amp servo feed vs 3amp of other models, but hey it’s cheap enough I just want to try it out, before maybe buying the Xtreme.

Friday 13th May 2011

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Not a bad night considering I was feeling a bit under the weather, not sure I wanted to race but dug out the car from the back seat of my Micra.

The electric requires so little setup during the night, so it was good, I swapped out some rear tyres to try, so 37’s front and 40’s rear, which works well and creates quite even wear all around.

Times were ok for me, ran the inside short track, which is a lot of fun with electric, fast and constantly turning, car handled very well, only issue was some back end slips, which I thought was tyres but at the end of the night found the diff was chunking out, the micro version on the Photon just won’t do 10.5T for more than a meet or two, so need the bigger Yoko version to handle the grunt, but up front it’s fine with 100k plus oil.

Numbers were good, in part cause new trial of 8th GT buggies came out to play, was a busy night all up, with everyone having lots of fun.

Things I badly still need are a setup station, steel shafts on the Photon, and a tyre truer for the foams, maybe a few more weeks and I’ll have them, I hope, cause it’s a bit of a pain without.

I’ll also be selling my MTX4R ASAP now, never sunk in the effort or time or parts, so would rather wait on the MTX5, then I’ll do a bunch more Nitro racing.

Friday 15th April 2011

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Had a lot of fun on this Friday night, smaller late turn out, but still some good times on track.

Geared up one on the pinion before I got there, after first heat geared up a second time, speed came good on the 10.5T HW motor, still running cool, think I’ll need to track Rollout rather than FDR after calculating some numbers, I think each 2mm of foam tyre will require a pinion change to keep the same speeds.

Joel and I were for the most part running neck and neck many heats, one mistake and either would be leading, made for fun stuff on track, only issue was Joel kept thermaling and shutting down randomly, shame as it was so close otherwise, with Joel maybe having some legs on me in areas of the track.

Most fun of the night was seeing Joel get 21 laps, and then I badly wanted to make 21, first hard charge and I missed it by .35 of a second, then by a tiny .1 or so, then finally in the final final, got it by 1.2 seconds, so went home happy as larry. LOL

Serously need a tyre truer though, thanks to Steve for use of his, foam on everything I use and not having one sucks, setup station is also a must have, other things is Photon needs the stronger rear gear diff, and steel uni’s, oil tweaking for more traction out of corners also needed, car actually popped off a sway bar link at some point during the night, could explain why it was hard to turn.

Last note is I think it’s been 4 meets on one set of foams now, maybe get the 5th and that could be it, though with some sore rating changes maybe you could get more, I’m 37 all round now, 37/40 and you would get more even wear, higher and I’m not sure you’d loose that much traction and they would last ages.

Friday 1st April 2011

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Quiet night, last min so I was rushed, car was ok but I think the light gear diff in the back is not holding up to the 10.5T, it’s getting rough again and I think it’s chipping teeth, need to get a Spec-R or Yoko diff.

Tyres were a issue, badly need a tyre truer, splits were miles off and with very low traction on track it was an issue, that and some mild repairs I tried on one foam seemed to reduce traction, should have left the chunk alone I think, though it may have been ok had I been able to true out the edges better.

It’s interesting with my gearing, and far lower temps on track, I was quick enough last meet on the super short inside track, on the longer short track needed a lot more speed I think, geared up one but really it was still barely warm on the motor so could have gone another one or even two up on the pinion for sure, but the new HW motor otherwise is great.

Saturday 26th March 2011

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It was a hell of a day in terms of pure speed and thrill for me, first time racing with a Pro level engine, 1.5hp compared to .7 or so on the TG.

I did get a mild stab at speed with an old Ninja engine last year at the Pop Kerr day, but only at the end of the day, and I could never get it running quite right, so it was just a taste of speed and not a lot more, with very little on track time with it.

But, now it was one cheap $100 engine (old novas being cleared out), and one hell of a eye opener to what twice the power does to your skills and chassis setup, have to say my skills were fighting to keep up, and my setup was all sorts of wrong, which is bad when it comes to finding consistency on track.

Engine run in was interesting, Friday afternoon I ran some tanks, like 2 at idle then maybe 4 on track at slow/low speed, then had some issues with glow warmers, not proud to say it beat me that day, but with much help on Saturday from the Willis duo and Trev, I was convinced I’d not killed anything, and got running again for some more run in tanks, maybe 3-4 more with increasing speed/load.

Into the first heat was just brown trousers material, barreling into long track corners I’d never really driven in anger before, flaws in my setup were showing everywhere, and my skills were scrambling to catch up, rear traction was terrible, car was pushing everywhere, not able to find smooth entry lines.

Onto a setup station (many thanks Trent), to fix some alignment issues, then off with the rear sway bar, into the second heat and it was much improved, but still not perfect, though not a lot more I could do on the day, so time to just focus on driving it.

Some clutch adjustment after that made it launch better, it was set soft and low to help with run in, I tried to keep the engine rich but think it kept running leaner with more run in and smaller tyres, by the final I suspect it was possibly running harder that a new nova should, but perhaps I was just enjoying the speed too much.

I had some serious leg lock after the final, I was standing so tense my whole body ached by the end, being relaxed for me usually means faster, so looking forward to more track time and feeling more comfortable with the Pro combo.

Overall though, I blitzed what I expected my best and average times were going to be, would have been happy to see 22’s with average in the 24’s, in the end I did like a high 20 best, with average in the 21’s in the 4th qual, so a lot of my recent driving and setting up both cars seems to have paid off for me.

My Nova could be due a new rod after the run in now, or maybe after another meet, but that could come after a break, need some better servos in the Mugen, Savox in the Photon now makes the cheap ones in the Mugen feel truly awful, and sway bar and few other bits are needed, so maybe in a month I’ll hit the track again and see how I improve.