Just a quiet night, no one really to race against, so played with a setting or two, start mode on the ESC is interesting, directly relates to speed more than I’d have guessed, but no match for gearing up, and I am out of gearing, 32 pinion is like ok to maybe 59mm tyre, so my lap times were not even that close to what it was doing with more tyre size.

Grip was not fantastic, but no an issue either on the 35 shore foams, which still seem fine I think 4 meets in, still meat left just have to get more gearing to run on tyres that small.

Did some upper roll center changes to create more rear grip, did not work though, lower upper roll with less shims took away grip, though it helped on the front end, understeered less so go figure, and my setup station gets used like every meeting now, under rated bit of gear in my mind, setting drift constantly, keeping up with those changes seem to keep the car more consistent, for me anyway.

Must remember to write down whatever is on my Photon now, it’s so good to drive I’m loathe to change anything.

Annoyed a little bit with my rear Yoko gear diff, it was holding up so well, but a close look at the teeth on the pulley showed excessive tooth wear, weather this is because it has to run so offset from normal in a Photon, or maybe my belt was just too tight, backed off the tension and will see how long it lasts before throwing on a new case, I know the gears and outdrives are still perfect.