Really good meeting with the MTX5 this afternoon/evening…

Finally had some of my own servos to use, Savox Low Profile (thanks to Steve for the loan of the Swana), and a new LiFe pack, full size, all fitted in nice and look good gear, but I hit the track needing to do some quick work, loaned some bits to Finchy last meet where I did not feel like a run (sick as), so had to quickly bolt on an arm and a new 2.2mm rear bar I had, also used the time to tweak out some setting I was chasing.

Unfortunately Mugen still don’t have any good end stoppers for the clutch, which sucks, my off drilled one is a pain to set.

But, out on track, fresh but tall Xceed rims, 37/40 shore, and the car felt good, with a big G in that, I had the ride height way off, forget to reset that, clutch and two speed were also off, by hey the car was showing heaps of improvement.

Next few heats were sorting out tune and run time issues (hit by that yet again), with chasing the two speed and clutch, but when it all came good, the car was feeling fantastic, but so slow, even though I had just posted my best ever lap time (maybe thanks to the 5th nats grip left over).

Into the 19’s though it high 19’s and I was almost dumb struck by it, looking forward to the final, then in the final I did a couple of 19’s so in the end a great effort for me and the new car, which now feels remarkably good overall, with maybe just needing a few tweaks once I feel out the current setup a little more.

Thanks as usual to the Mugen crew, big props to Finchy for being my engine tuner on the night, letting me really focus on the cars setup.