Second real outing in Pro with the MTX5, mixed emotions about where it’s at.

With the 2 hole pistons up front and 450cst oil, it’s soaking the bumps better, and it’s got turn, but still not the balance I’m after, working at finding the steering I want, and making it drive how I want seems tricky, or at least tricky when I’m not all that skilled at getting any car to do this.
My Photon now does what I want, but I took half a year getting that where it is, so I get there in the end with some help and advice.

Sway bars and roll centers were messed with a lot, but some of my tyre choices were rubbish, not giving it what it needed or wanted, trye truer is a huge must have for me soon as is a regular supply of one tyre to work with that I know works.

My head was not real in it either, I ran wide often and rolled multiple times, and ran out into a rubber divider and pushed the whole top link and hub mount behind the bulkhead damaging it a little in the final qual, did not find it till I took a real close look after the race.

Thanks to running the Mugen pipe though I was making run time, leaned out and tuned thanks to Trev (many thanks as always), and in the final I did not do so badly, but had a big idea of what to do and where to head with the car.

Also ran the Neo+ fuel which seems nice, engine runs cooler for sure and maybe helped the run time a little.