Fun night, Snap playing with motors, me just generally messing around with gearing and some settings, both of us going rather quick.

My Photon really has some nice qualities about it, right now it’s gripping so well on 35’s, though the Speedmind 35 rears ‘feel’ and even wear more like a 37, which is odd, but a happy accident as that is what I wanted, car is not really so much faster on that soft a shore, but probably a little more forgiving.
In reality the wear is still so low the soft shore is still lasting me quite well, more wear is there, but I’m guessing they would/will still last 4 meetings, may need some more gearing at the rate I’m going though.

And yes, gearing, my Hobbywing motor still runs so cool, can’t seem to make it hot, biggest pinion I had was a 32, and it still did not go over 65C all night, and did some great lap times in the final heat, and my driving was good with my head really in it, great lines I was finding, or at least all but still messing up that back corner off the straight, still manage to over shoot that a lot, sort of vision and forgetting when to brake or move out and come in.