Just an in between update on the MTX5.

Threw in the 12TG and took it to the track, mainly because I drilled out an extra 1mm hole in each front shock piston, and moved the shocks in one hole on the top mount, also I found some slop in the steering servo saver, fixed that.

Dropped it on the track, gave a tweak to my TG (getting better and faster at finding a ‘quick’ tune), and charged into some corners…

End result?, well it’s got turn in now, and grips into and through the corner on the front end, so your able to carry more into the corner, and car still had some nice balance to it, in fact I was reminded how nice something about the car is, it has a light nimble feel about it.

Later in the night I also gave a mate Dan a quick drive, as I wanted an experienced eye/feel on it as well, and I know he is a good driver (and sets up a good car), he seemed to think I was also on the right general track with the changes, advising maybe trying the 1.3mm single hole pistons.

Found an issue with clutch settings, little bit on the end has the hole drilled offcenter, bad for setting it up, oh and the 5 clutch is kind of aggressive, like maybe too hard for a TG motor, it was slipping like a champ, so maybe a tiny clutch gap and even a softer spring may be needed if I ever feel the need to try the TG in it again.