Nitro 200mm IC time for me, and first outing with the new MTX5, with special thanks to Steve and several others for loan of gear to get out a lot sooner and try the new car.

Early start for me which was a killer, but checked a few things and dropped the car onto the track, only to run off and then roll it in the first few corners with the body off, brakes pads were so green/new they had zero bite, a lot more end point on the servo travel, and then just squirt and brake for some short laps, and they started to come good.

More messing around with tuning, still learning my engine skills, seems I get about 90% or so but only with some work, but then into the first heat of the day, which right away was harsh, the car with kit spec setup just would not turn into corners, likely massive understeer into corners, and even mid corner.

Sway bars front and rear were messed with, less caster, playing with tyres, but really car felt just too hard, and specifictly way to hard in the front end, cause it just did not want to bite, in the end pit man extraordinary Trev gave a wind in on each front arm link, giving a rather large 5Deg tow out, which made the car at least driveable for the day.

Impressions of the car?, well it’s super quick, and by that I mean it carries huge amount of speed (in comparison to the old 4), and it also relates to how it puts down power, same engine (N12T1) as in the old 4 felt a lot quicker in the 5, so it’s getting more power to the ground than the 4.
I’m going to guess it’s because the driveline is light everywhere in the 5, no weight, plastic diff gears etc, lightened everything, it was always going to be quicker in that way, but that also relates to how it feels on track, everything it does it does quickly, unfortunately that also means the flaws.

Out of the box the kit spec ‘is’ horrible though, but in fairness it’s possibly a smooth high grip setup, and EPR is rough bumpy and mixed traction now, so it was likely never going to work out the box, although two of my others car were at least more driveable, but it’s been some time.


By the end of the day I was getting close to be 1 second quicker than my last outing in the 4 with the same motor, and I was having to overdrive the car to get it to do what I wanted it to do, given some more setup I don’t see why it could not be maybe a half second quicker still, and I’m sure my driving can improve to shave a little more off that, second outing in Pro and I’m still learning a lot.

Feeling my engine at the end of the day, I suspect it needs that new rod now, as I’d say it’s fully run in now, but got slop in the rod, speaking of engines, my biggest grief of the day was not making run time, something about my pipe manifold choice, or the way I drive, but I was running out of fuel with a few corners left all day, 4:30 min stops in the final were handy, though I still ran out of fuel once spoiling my result a little.
Must either switch to my Mugen pipe or add a pressure chamber or both, maybe stop using that pipe though, I think something in that pipe/manifold has given me issues since I got it.