Another casual race night at EPR, fun had all around, killing me with the gearing, pushing me so hard, trying not to choke when being stalked on track, Luke also out with a 4.5T making life hard, but all still good fun.

Off the start I tried front foams on all 4 corners, but the car really was not setup for it, no traction in the back end going into corners, at a guess I’d say you would need to wind down the camber from 3 maybe down to 1-2 in the back, cause they just don’t grip set for 30mm rear with 24mm rears.

But I was not really in the mood to break out the setup station, so just threw on some 30mm rears again, actually I had two sets of new Speedmind foams, a little soft at 35 shore front and rear, but once on track got to say I liked how they felt, car had grip everywhere, with just a hint more understeer than usual,  really I think some 32 shores front could be interesting, and tyre wear was still just not an issue, even with 35 shore it was not high, the electric does not ride them hard.

Ran GT short track again, and it was one I need to get a handle on better, by end of night I broke into the 16’s but really to do that with consistancy I’d need to start running to the heat limit of my motor and likely run much more punch on the ESC, in the last heat of the night I discovered my punch was set way down on level 4 when I thought it used to be on level 6, maybe I wound it down for traction reasons, though I wonder if I just forget to change it up when putting the new ESC in or maybe I was going low to break in the new packs.

Going to try a higher setting still and maybe gear up to 70c or so next meet, just to see how it goes, if I feel less lazy.