One of those strange nights where your head and body ain’t in it I think, back spasms had me in quite a lot of pain half the night, so I was almost glad to let a friend (Luke) take some of the runs with my Photon.

Snap was still geared to the moon and back, on the longer GT short track it gave him so much speed, decreasing tyres lost me much of mine, downside to foam, though just lazy not wanted to change a pinion which takes 5mins.

6th meet on the Cap 37/40 foams, I actually think they would have done a 7th easy enough, but I chunked a rear at some point reducing the effectiveness of that tyres grip in corners, but even then if I was lazy enough they would still do the 7th.

Still loving the new charger, it will balance a pack so fast, also setup station arrived, not bad the Xceed unit, a mild chore to build but will give me some more tweaking ability on my cars now.