Quiet but overall side splitting night of racing at a few points, Jeff came to play and generally playing was had all around, with some often very funny moments…

Lots of repairs on the Photon, though some of the setting tweaks I did, made the car harder to drive, it was pulling out of corners better thanks to 200k fluid in the front diff, but steering was uneven, and back end traction was poor out of corners.
Most of this was likely due to a few things, moving the servo in and back a little, then not checking my steering throw properly, made for uneven steering, and moving my battery in made balance worse, silly moves to do, and to top it off I forgot my droop settings reverse to what gives traction again (done this several times now).

New set of foams wore crazy even, 40’s rear and 37’s front, they also wore so little, like less than 1.5mm for the meet, it’s almost worth thinking 35/37 for my next set, even left to right wear was oddly even, drive style or setup I guess, maybe that off balance issue as well.

Rear Yoko diff was super nice, smooth and good feel, came with 700 weight fluid, maybe could go thicker though, new steel shafts showed zero wear on one meet.

Gearing was an interesting issue during the meet, with it being so cold you can gear up a lot, in the end I was up to 42mm rollout, and it was still running cool, though jumping from 40/41 to that 42 showed a very noticeable hole in punch come up, guess I’ll need to up the punch on the ESC to fill that hole, I feel it’s all going to push the battery harder though, top speed at 42mm is impressive, or getting there.

Trev had a go of my car in the second heat, apart from complaining he can’t see at night, he did awfully well, a bit of car swapping went on as usual, fun to try other rides, Snaps TC6 drives quite nice, as does Jeff’s, they seem to have loads more rear end grip than my whip.

Stuff I’m tweaking for next meet, steering evened out, need that rear drive, so roll centers being lowered back end, hope that does something good…