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My all new Mugen MTX5

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First batch into Australia, personally delivered by the Snapster… See build pics here… ¬†

New Mugen MTX5…

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Well I don’t have it just yet, but it’s on pre-order and paid for now, hopefully one of the first batch into the country, woohoo, sexy looking car, can’t wait to get and build it…

Friday 10th June 2011

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Quiet but overall side splitting night of racing at a few points, Jeff came to play and generally playing was had all around, with some often very funny moments… Lots of repairs on the Photon, though some of the setting tweaks I did, made the car harder to drive, it was pulling out of corners […]

Or for the English nearly one G later, I have a new working toy, although something feels weird about a finishing touch requiring double sided tape on half a g’s worth of carbon, but never mind cause it’s fun around the lounge room floor. Of course it’s still missing a whole host of bits, new […]

Fatigue and lack of setup and run time while running meetings means I think it’s time for yet another RC car, this time an electric… Plan is to perhaps park the Nitro till Saturday racing starts again in summer, and to buy a Top Photon with a SS (10.5T) setup to run on Friday nights, […]