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Friday 25th November 2011

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Just a quiet night, no one really to race against, so played with a setting or two, start mode on the ESC is interesting, directly relates to speed more than I’d have guessed, but no match for gearing up, and I am out of gearing, 32 pinion is like ok to maybe 59mm tyre, so my lap times were not even that close to what it was doing with more tyre size.

Grip was not fantastic, but no an issue either on the 35 shore foams, which still seem fine I think 4 meets in, still meat left just have to get more gearing to run on tyres that small.

Did some upper roll center changes to create more rear grip, did not work though, lower upper roll with less shims took away grip, though it helped on the front end, understeered less so go figure, and my setup station gets used like every meeting now, under rated bit of gear in my mind, setting drift constantly, keeping up with those changes seem to keep the car more consistent, for me anyway.

Must remember to write down whatever is on my Photon now, it’s so good to drive I’m loathe to change anything.

Annoyed a little bit with my rear Yoko gear diff, it was holding up so well, but a close look at the teeth on the pulley showed excessive tooth wear, weather this is because it has to run so offset from normal in a Photon, or maybe my belt was just too tight, backed off the tension and will see how long it lasts before throwing on a new case, I know the gears and outdrives are still perfect.


Saturday 5th November 2011

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Really good meeting with the MTX5 this afternoon/evening…

Finally had some of my own servos to use, Savox Low Profile (thanks to Steve for the loan of the Swana), and a new LiFe pack, full size, all fitted in nice and look good gear, but I hit the track needing to do some quick work, loaned some bits to Finchy last meet where I did not feel like a run (sick as), so had to quickly bolt on an arm and a new 2.2mm rear bar I had, also used the time to tweak out some setting I was chasing.

Unfortunately Mugen still don’t have any good end stoppers for the clutch, which sucks, my off drilled one is a pain to set.

But, out on track, fresh but tall Xceed rims, 37/40 shore, and the car felt good, with a big G in that, I had the ride height way off, forget to reset that, clutch and two speed were also off, by hey the car was showing heaps of improvement.

Next few heats were sorting out tune and run time issues (hit by that yet again), with chasing the two speed and clutch, but when it all came good, the car was feeling fantastic, but so slow, even though I had just posted my best ever lap time (maybe thanks to the 5th nats grip left over).

Into the 19’s though it high 19’s and I was almost dumb struck by it, looking forward to the final, then in the final I did a couple of 19’s so in the end a great effort for me and the new car, which now feels remarkably good overall, with maybe just needing a few tweaks once I feel out the current setup a little more.

Thanks as usual to the Mugen crew, big props to Finchy for being my engine tuner on the night, letting me really focus on the cars setup.

Saturday 8th October 2011

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Second real outing in Pro with the MTX5, mixed emotions about where it’s at.

With the 2 hole pistons up front and 450cst oil, it’s soaking the bumps better, and it’s got turn, but still not the balance I’m after, working at finding the steering I want, and making it drive how I want seems tricky, or at least tricky when I’m not all that skilled at getting any car to do this.
My Photon now does what I want, but I took half a year getting that where it is, so I get there in the end with some help and advice.

Sway bars and roll centers were messed with a lot, but some of my tyre choices were rubbish, not giving it what it needed or wanted, trye truer is a huge must have for me soon as is a regular supply of one tyre to work with that I know works.

My head was not real in it either, I ran wide often and rolled multiple times, and ran out into a rubber divider and pushed the whole top link and hub mount behind the bulkhead damaging it a little in the final qual, did not find it till I took a real close look after the race.

Thanks to running the Mugen pipe though I was making run time, leaned out and tuned thanks to Trev (many thanks as always), and in the final I did not do so badly, but had a big idea of what to do and where to head with the car.

Also ran the Neo+ fuel which seems nice, engine runs cooler for sure and maybe helped the run time a little.

Friday 30th September 2011

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Fun night, Snap playing with motors, me just generally messing around with gearing and some settings, both of us going rather quick.

My Photon really has some nice qualities about it, right now it’s gripping so well on 35’s, though the Speedmind 35 rears ‘feel’ and even wear more like a 37, which is odd, but a happy accident as that is what I wanted, car is not really so much faster on that soft a shore, but probably a little more forgiving.
In reality the wear is still so low the soft shore is still lasting me quite well, more wear is there, but I’m guessing they would/will still last 4 meetings, may need some more gearing at the rate I’m going though.

And yes, gearing, my Hobbywing motor still runs so cool, can’t seem to make it hot, biggest pinion I had was a 32, and it still did not go over 65C all night, and did some great lap times in the final heat, and my driving was good with my head really in it, great lines I was finding, or at least all but still messing up that back corner off the straight, still manage to over shoot that a lot, sort of vision and forgetting when to brake or move out and come in.

Friday 30th September 2011

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Just an in between update on the MTX5.

Threw in the 12TG and took it to the track, mainly because I drilled out an extra 1mm hole in each front shock piston, and moved the shocks in one hole on the top mount, also I found some slop in the steering servo saver, fixed that.

Dropped it on the track, gave a tweak to my TG (getting better and faster at finding a ‘quick’ tune), and charged into some corners…

End result?, well it’s got turn in now, and grips into and through the corner on the front end, so your able to carry more into the corner, and car still had some nice balance to it, in fact I was reminded how nice something about the car is, it has a light nimble feel about it.

Later in the night I also gave a mate Dan a quick drive, as I wanted an experienced eye/feel on it as well, and I know he is a good driver (and sets up a good car), he seemed to think I was also on the right general track with the changes, advising maybe trying the 1.3mm single hole pistons.

Found an issue with clutch settings, little bit on the end has the hole drilled offcenter, bad for setting it up, oh and the 5 clutch is kind of aggressive, like maybe too hard for a TG motor, it was slipping like a champ, so maybe a tiny clutch gap and even a softer spring may be needed if I ever feel the need to try the TG in it again.

Sunday 25th September 2011

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Nitro 200mm IC time for me, and first outing with the new MTX5, with special thanks to Steve and several others for loan of gear to get out a lot sooner and try the new car.

Early start for me which was a killer, but checked a few things and dropped the car onto the track, only to run off and then roll it in the first few corners with the body off, brakes pads were so green/new they had zero bite, a lot more end point on the servo travel, and then just squirt and brake for some short laps, and they started to come good.

More messing around with tuning, still learning my engine skills, seems I get about 90% or so but only with some work, but then into the first heat of the day, which right away was harsh, the car with kit spec setup just would not turn into corners, likely massive understeer into corners, and even mid corner.

Sway bars front and rear were messed with, less caster, playing with tyres, but really car felt just too hard, and specifictly way to hard in the front end, cause it just did not want to bite, in the end pit man extraordinary Trev gave a wind in on each front arm link, giving a rather large 5Deg tow out, which made the car at least driveable for the day.

Impressions of the car?, well it’s super quick, and by that I mean it carries huge amount of speed (in comparison to the old 4), and it also relates to how it puts down power, same engine (N12T1) as in the old 4 felt a lot quicker in the 5, so it’s getting more power to the ground than the 4.
I’m going to guess it’s because the driveline is light everywhere in the 5, no weight, plastic diff gears etc, lightened everything, it was always going to be quicker in that way, but that also relates to how it feels on track, everything it does it does quickly, unfortunately that also means the flaws.

Out of the box the kit spec ‘is’ horrible though, but in fairness it’s possibly a smooth high grip setup, and EPR is rough bumpy and mixed traction now, so it was likely never going to work out the box, although two of my others car were at least more driveable, but it’s been some time.


By the end of the day I was getting close to be 1 second quicker than my last outing in the 4 with the same motor, and I was having to overdrive the car to get it to do what I wanted it to do, given some more setup I don’t see why it could not be maybe a half second quicker still, and I’m sure my driving can improve to shave a little more off that, second outing in Pro and I’m still learning a lot.

Feeling my engine at the end of the day, I suspect it needs that new rod now, as I’d say it’s fully run in now, but got slop in the rod, speaking of engines, my biggest grief of the day was not making run time, something about my pipe manifold choice, or the way I drive, but I was running out of fuel with a few corners left all day, 4:30 min stops in the final were handy, though I still ran out of fuel once spoiling my result a little.
Must either switch to my Mugen pipe or add a pressure chamber or both, maybe stop using that pipe though, I think something in that pipe/manifold has given me issues since I got it.


Friday 16th September 2011

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Another casual race night at EPR, fun had all around, killing me with the gearing, pushing me so hard, trying not to choke when being stalked on track, Luke also out with a 4.5T making life hard, but all still good fun.

Off the start I tried front foams on all 4 corners, but the car really was not setup for it, no traction in the back end going into corners, at a guess I’d say you would need to wind down the camber from 3 maybe down to 1-2 in the back, cause they just don’t grip set for 30mm rear with 24mm rears.

But I was not really in the mood to break out the setup station, so just threw on some 30mm rears again, actually I had two sets of new Speedmind foams, a little soft at 35 shore front and rear, but once on track got to say I liked how they felt, car had grip everywhere, with just a hint more understeer than usual,  really I think some 32 shores front could be interesting, and tyre wear was still just not an issue, even with 35 shore it was not high, the electric does not ride them hard.

Ran GT short track again, and it was one I need to get a handle on better, by end of night I broke into the 16’s but really to do that with consistancy I’d need to start running to the heat limit of my motor and likely run much more punch on the ESC, in the last heat of the night I discovered my punch was set way down on level 4 when I thought it used to be on level 6, maybe I wound it down for traction reasons, though I wonder if I just forget to change it up when putting the new ESC in or maybe I was going low to break in the new packs.

Going to try a higher setting still and maybe gear up to 70c or so next meet, just to see how it goes, if I feel less lazy.

My all new Mugen MTX5

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First batch into Australia, personally delivered by the Snapster…

See build pics here… ¬†

Friday 2nd September 2011

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One of those strange nights where your head and body ain’t in it I think, back spasms had me in quite a lot of pain half the night, so I was almost glad to let a friend (Luke) take some of the runs with my Photon.

Snap was still geared to the moon and back, on the longer GT short track it gave him so much speed, decreasing tyres lost me much of mine, downside to foam, though just lazy not wanted to change a pinion which takes 5mins.

6th meet on the Cap 37/40 foams, I actually think they would have done a 7th easy enough, but I chunked a rear at some point reducing the effectiveness of that tyres grip in corners, but even then if I was lazy enough they would still do the 7th.

Still loving the new charger, it will balance a pack so fast, also setup station arrived, not bad the Xceed unit, a mild chore to build but will give me some more tweaking ability on my cars now.

New Mugen MTX5…

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Well I don’t have it just yet, but it’s on pre-order and paid for now, hopefully one of the first batch into the country, woohoo, sexy looking car, can’t wait to get and build it…